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NOVA GROUP is a completely Australian owned and operated company since 1999, our mission is to provide naturally active, innovative skin care through natural and highly effective products, while maintaining environmental and work ethics, the spirit of our business is our ideals, everything we do, we are committed to protect the planet, support local trade and reject any sort of animal testing since the start of our business.


We believe our business has the power to influence a better world, and our example will convince others to make the right changes.


NOVA GROUP is a part of an international business and an ever growing one, our products are available all over Australia, all our materials are made in Australia and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.


We have created our own brands, CHARIS® and Angelina® series that are very popular in the local and international market. In 20 years, NOVA GROUP has crafted hundreds of products, within our own brands and for clients, each product is carefully formulated with local herbs and ingredients. Using the finest, most beneficial and natural ingredients to complete our products.


We are constantly launching innovative new products, seeking new ingredients and formulas, these are just some of the ways we strive to improve our products, we start by first improving internally within the company, enhancing production and manufacturing process, in turn, we can improve externally for the environment by minimising waste and develop more bio-degradable packaging.

Our goal is to provide the complete transition of beauty from inside to outside, from our products, our company and our world, hence Beauty Within®.

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